More cycling makes for a happier city

A city that celebrates cycling is a happier, friendlier place to live—ask anyone from Copenhagen. If you have not experienced the freedom of the saddle, take it from me. It's awesome. And if you’re not a cyclist, remember that cyclists do you a huge favour by not competing with you for road space and parking. Vote Yes, and 2,700 kilometres of bikeways and 300 kilometres of safe, separated bike routes could be yours.

More transit makes for a more civilized city

A city that has made a decent investment in public transit is a far more civilized and easier place to get around in. Why are most European cities such great places? Because they have invested in better transit and cycling. Imagine a future Metro Vancouver with quiet electric buses that run every 10 or 15 minutes. A yes vote means you’ll enjoy a 25 percent increase in total service, 200 kilometres more of the faster B-Line routes, and more frequent rush-hour services.

Shorter wait-times will bring a less stressed life

You don’t like the waiting and the crush of too many people trying to board? Vote Yes, and you’ll get fewer line-ups, shorter wait-times, and more services throughout the city, making travel easier along the region’s busiest bus corridor.

Yes, we do need to change what going on at TransLink 

I never liked what Translink was doing? Join the gang. The Metro Vancouver mayors themselves have made a strong request to the provincial government to establish an elected TransLink board with regular open meetings. Vote Yes, and join every mayor in seeking the exact same thing that you want.

You love driving

You don't live in city core. You love your car and/or car-sharing, and you’ll love it even more when electric vehicles become affordable? I do too. With a Yes vote, and the roads of the future will be less congested and gridlocked with the million new people who will be arriving over the next 30 years, adding three million trips a day to the congestion. You'll need better transit options to deal with this.

You worry about the climate

You know the climate crisis is real, and you worry that it’s gathering like an enormous storm on the horizon? The chief cause of the climate crisis is our use of fossil fuels, and the air pollution from cars and trucks is also contributing to asthma, lung and heart disease. Vote Yes, and it’ll be easier for people to cycle or take the bus instead of driving, reducing Vancouver’s future carbon emissions as well as its air pollution and this leads to...

You want a better future

You want a better future, which includes better management and oversight of TransLink’s management as well as a better system of transportation in general? There really is no comparison between the experience of living in a city which has invested in well-planned transit, light rail transit, and bike lanes, and living in a city that has failed to do so. The one is so much better than the other. Vote Yes, and you will be voting for a better future.