I love East Vancouver. I'm a bit biased for sure as I chose to live here. That being said, when I moved to Commercial Drive it wasn't the utopia it is today. Being a neighbourhood in transition, it had it's share of issues. As the years went on, the amenities improved and it became a lot easier to digest being in East Van. Aside from the great artisan coffee houses, cheap eats and public park renovations, my favourite improvements are the plethora of microbreweries opening up.

I believe this upswing is due to 2 major factors; liqour laws and zoning. The Licensing changes in BC liquor laws now allows for microbreweries to install tasting rooms within the brewing facilities themselves. Secondly, the large areas in East Vancouver zoned industrial, intermingled with residential, keeps the rents lower. This also allows for easier foot and/or bicycle traffic.


Now to the nitty gritty...

This summer there will a total of NINE microbreweries within the Commercial drive area of East Van. 

The OG of all of them, Storm Brewing (310 Commercial Drive)

Coal Harbour Brewing (1967 Triumph Street)

Powell Street Craft Brewery (1357 Powell Street)

Parallel 49 Brewing (1950 Triumph Street)

Doan’s Craft Brewing (1830 Powell Street)

Off the Rail (1351 Adanac Street)

Bomber Brewing  (1488 Adanac Street)

Strange Fellows Brewing Co.  (1345 Clark Drive)

Callister Brewing  (1338 Franklin Street)

There are others breweries in Railtown or Main street and they all have something wonderful to offer but like I said earlier, I'm a bit biased. I guess what I'm trying to say is this once uninviting area is now more inviting than ever. Keep this in mind when seeking out new neighbourhoods to plant some roots.

The beer in my backyard never tasted so good.