A lot of people out there have a vice or two. Let's face facts, it's what makes us human. Mine is coffee. I love the history of it, the taste of it along with it's ability to bring people together. Vancouver, BC is no slouch when it comes to it's coffee selection. In fact it is a bean lovers paradise.

Recently a multitude of media has been saying the same thing. 
Matador best cities for coffee. just ranked it third in the world. Some of my favourites haunts include Matchstick, Pallet coffee roasters, JJ Bean, Moja Coffee, Revolver, Elysian and 49th Parallel Coffee houses.

Vancouver is a very bicycle friendly city, as most of you know, so it even has a wonderful little bike powered coffee spot (that is constantly in different locations) that produces a great cappucino. You can usually find him from his twitter posts.

Like I said, Vancouver has no shortage of wonderful coffee roasters/spots to enjoy beautifully crafted coffee. My favorite spot of all is in my backyard, here in Vancouver,  sipping something that looks a lot like this one posted below. Maybe it's yours too.