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A Few Things to Increase the Value of YOUR Home

Looking to making the most of selling your place because the market is so hot. Here's a few ways to make sure sure you get the most out of your biggest investment.

Vancouver home in need of some love.


The first things buyers see when they drive up to your house are the yard and the outside face of the home. If your grass has yellow patches, weeds, or bare spots and the flower beds are empty or overgrown, the house immediately loses appeal. A lot of people, possibly including you, are intimidated by the chore of refreshing a yard. But have no fear. Take a long look at your yard and see where it needs attention. If your flowerbeds are dank, plant a few bright annuals to cheer them up and place a thin layer of wood chips over the soil. Prune any overgrown bushes or trees. These simple measures will brighten up your house. If the paint on the exterior of your house is chipped or peeling, repaint. Replace broken gutters and light fixtures. Although these actions may seem like a heavy undertaking, your investment will pay off when your house attracts buyers.

Kitchen and Bathroom

The two most value-diagnostic rooms in any home are the kitchen and the bathroom.People use these spaces daily and typically use them on a schedule. Cleanliness is essential. If your tiling, linoleum, or cabinet spaces are in need of replacement or a makeover, do it. Well organized, well lit kitchen and bathroom spaces are a top priority for buyers. If they cannot picture themselves enjoying cooking a batch of cookies or brushing their teeth in the house, they will not look twice before they move on. Kitchen and bathroom renovations also run about a 90 percent return on your investment, so kick out the power tools, or call a contractor, and get to work. 

Stylized Rooms

Oftentimes buyers are looking for mainstream interior decoration. A heavily stylized living room in bright orange, black, and red may appeal to you, but chances are that very few of the buyers on the market would like it. They would see it as a project that they need to repaint and deduct it from their offer. With that in mind, if you have a heavily styled room in your house, take some time to repaint it in colours that will appeal to a larger pool of people. This increases your chances of impressing a buyer. 

Set Deck the Interior

That old recliner your dad gave you is soooo comfortable but is an eyesore to most. Updating a few pieces of furniture, replacing some of light fixtures and removing your "personal clutter" is a great start and doesn't differ peole's attention from the house itself. 


As much as you love your dog Fido, he is not welcome in your potential buyer’s family. They do not want to smell him or see evidence of his occupancy of the house. Take care to scour your home and remove stains, scratches, hair, and whatever else your dear pet has dragged into the house. Clean your carpets thoroughly and make sure Fido is in the back yard for the duration of time that your house is on the market.

Double Check

Take a close look at the improvements your house needs. Chances are that you missed something the first time you put it on the market, and that is why it isn’t selling. With a few tweaks, your house can look and feel like a place that someone else will want to live.



Thinking of Remodelling to Sell Your Home? Not What You Think...

Most people thing of Remodelling their bathrooms and kitchens to get the most bang for the buck on resale but you'd be surprised at these alternatives.

2015 cost vs. value highlights

More often than not, the simpler and less expensive the project, the bigger its cost-value ratio. A replacement steel entry door has topped the ranks of midrange projects in this survey for several years. This year, it is estimated to deliver a cost recouped of 101.8%. Average cost: $1,230.

Here are the top midrange remodeling projects based on their return on investment.

Top 5 midrange remodeling projects

1. Entry door replacement (steel): 101.8% ROI, $1,230 average cost

2. Manufactured stone veneer: 92.2% ROI, $7,150 average cost

3. Garage door replacement: 88.4% ROI, $1,595 average cost

4. Siding replacement (vinyl): 80.7% ROI, $12,013 average cost

5. Deck addition (wood): $80.5% ROI, $10,048 average cost

Of course, your location is a big factor in your home’s value—and the value of your home improvement projects. Out of the 36 remodeling jobs covered, 26 racked up cost-value ratios over 100% in at least one market.